Loïs Vanhée

Loïs Vanhée
Post-doc at GREYC, Caen

Research Interests:
I am doctor in Computer Science, Multi-Agent Systems, both from the University of Montpellier 2 (France) and the University of Utrecht (The Netherlands). My research interests concern Artificial Intelligence and Multi-Agent Systems. I focused on using models of human cultures as a design mechanism for operationally improving the performance of Multi-Agent Systems. In this direction, I built models of human cultures and validated these models in using Agent-Based Simulation, where each agent represents a human in the system. Then, I showed how such a model can be used for achieving flexible coordination in operational settings.

I am currently working at the GREYC laboratory on the GARDES project in the MAD team. This project studies the design of teams composed of humans and robots for patrol missions.

Contact Information:

Email:lois.vanhee 'at' gmail.com
Address: GREYC
Université de Caen Normandie
Campus Cote de Nacre, Boulevard du Maréchal Juin
CS 14032
14032 CAEN cedex 5